About Us

Who we are.

KVRCloud is a brand new Web Hosting/Provider. Our job is to do the dirty work behind your beautiful website, server or virtual infrastructure. We manage networking, power, servers, internet and more so you can enjoy your service, hassle free.

So what makes us different?

We know how annoying it is for small or even large business’ to have to manage all their servers themselves. All the hassle of keeping reliability/uptime for their systems and having no real back up plan if something goes wrong. Its also space and power costs that your business really doesn’t need. 

We’re here to take that all away from you. Instead of you hosting, managing and paying those gigantic electricity bills, we do it all for you, off site, somewhere in the ‘cloud’. This not only helps our clients profit more from their services but they also loose the stress of managing everything themselves or paying someone else on site to do so.

We also offer complete business solutions at very small price. From single business websites to complete private cloud networks, all from £1.99.

Why KVRCloud?

We’ve found its becoming very expensive and stressful to put your website out there or move your business into the cloud. Even small, non-profit blogs are paying silly amounts because of their sites popularity. KVRCloud is here to end that. Cost effective & reliable web hosting for a price that makes you go wow.

The Team

Jack Balmer-Calloway

Founder & Director of KVRCloud

Jack started playing with computers at 13 years old. After learning how to host his first website, he saved to buy high-performance servers, networking equipment and more and covered his room with it. After moving house and converting an old out house into a 'data shed' (data centre), he created KVRCloud on the 15th of November, 2018

Oliver Cassell

Security Consultant


Our Story

22nd April, 2016

Jack created KVRNetwork Hosting, the first name of the company before KVRCloud. KVRNetwork Hosting set out to do exactly what KVRCloud does now, but was aimed at just server hosting like VPS’s and Game Servers. Jacks servers use to be roughly 2 metres away from his bed so as much as he wanted KVRNetwork Hosting to be successful, for those who know how loud servers are, he didn’t all at the same time. Because Jack didn’t have a lot of money, he built his first server rack out of 2 IKEA 19″ tables. This was perfect as it cost less than £45 and even has wheels!

16th January, 2017

The first server rack was brought. A 22U, network rack, designed mainly for switches and smaller 19″ servers. This let Jack store his servers and other equipment in a better, tidier way and allowed for easy maintenance. It was a awesome replacement from the IKEA DIY rack.

10th August, 2017

After Jack realised the power of GNU/Linux and how well it could benefit him, he began learning on multiple distributions such as Ubuntu Server Edition, CENT OS 7 & Linux Mint. This gave a huge insight to Jack learn’t so much from open-source software.

30th September, 2017

Jack received a large amount of networking equipment and HP DL380 G7 from a local company. While at the time, this server was 2 generations behind, it had some serious power. It was power efficient, fast, quiet and perfect for Jacks room  running 24/7. It used around 100W which for an 8 core, 20GB RAM server was amazing. Jack set this server up to be his main web server and hosted everything else on his DELL PowerEdge 1900. In his received equipment, he also received a big 22U rack server. This was a giant upgrade from his original 22U networking rack which designed for smaller servers and switches.

15th November, 2018

On the 15th of November, after realising that KVRNetwork Hosting was too long for the name, Jack changed it to KVRCloud. KVRCloud was seen as short, snappy and easy to remember while keeping what we do in the name. Jack’s friends helped decide the name and many favoured it.

22nd January, 2019

On the 22nd of January 2019, KVRCloud Ltd was registered in the UK; Company number 11780752. With Jack as the main Director, the company has taken a huge step in its progress.

25th May 2019

KVRCloud’s website was completely thought out, redesigned and rebuilt for many reasons. With new services in mind such as Virtual Private Network Infrastructure Hosting, Security Services and more, and we aim to provide everything a business needs in one central place.