Fully Private, Scalable & Cost Effective cloud infrastructure hosting

Say goodbye to leased services from multiple providers. We provide everything you need including domains, servers, email & website hosting, VPN’s & more, all for an unbeatable price.

What do we provide?

Virtual & Dedicated Infrastructures

No matter what kind of hardware you require, we can supply, setup and manage all of it.

Virtual & Dedicated Servers

Whether you're looking for a cost effective server solution or raw power, we can provide everything you need.

Upgradable Solutions for Everything

Whether its CPU's, Memory or Storage for your servers, we can upgrade everything, hassle free.

Database Hosting

We can provide database services such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and more with managed storage and no bandwidth caps.

Email & Website Hosting

Keep everything together, including email, wordpress or website hosting and your private network infrastructure.

Redundant Internet Connections

We offer redundant internet solutions with the power of 4G & 5G Wireless Broadband as well as standard Fibre/VDSL connections.

Security Options

We offer premium solutions such as Virtual Private Networks, SSL Certificates, Firewall Hosting and more all included in your private cloud infrastructure.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans

Not only do we take full backups of all your servers, we have remote backups in case of an onsite incident so we can get everything up and running again.

Application & Software Leasing

We supply software such as Microsoft Office for your business to use. We'll be in charge of renewing it and ensuring your business is up to date on everything.

Support Waiting For You

We provide dedicated support for you if anything ever happens. Whether is telephone or email, we've got your back.

Using the Industry's Leading Open-Source Software

Proxmox VE

We use the Proxmox Virtual Environment Hypervisor to monitor and control all our servers & virtual machines. Proxmox is fast, reliable, highly-secure and extremely flexible for our needs. With Proxmox, we can virtualize your entire infrastructure, making it easier to maintain & keeping your services up 24/7.

pfSense Firewall

pfSense is an extremely powerful router & firewall software that helps protect your infrastructure from the dangerous internet, keeping the good data close and bad data out. pfSense allows for flexible network monitoring and high performance speeds, pre-installed and setup by us.


FreeNAS is an open-sourced storage solution that we use to backup your infrastructure such as virtual machine snapshots and file backups as well as other storage services such as SMB & SFTP storage shares.

Enterprise Database Software

We offer multiple open-source database solutions to implement with your website or general use database. We use some of the fastest and most secure database solutions with complete compatibility with all your servers.

Everything In One Place


Networking, Physical Security, Power, Internet & More.


Security, Licensed Software & More.


Websites, Emails, Virtual & Dedicated Servers & More


Free outstanding email help & support, waiting on you.

Public vs Private

Cost Effective

With a public infrastructure, we can cram all your services on a single server meaning we spend less on hardware & power so that we can charge you less.


Your entire infrastructure floats between multiple servers, also known as a cluster. We can move your infrastructure with no downtime from one server to another. Even if we have to take down one of ours servers, we can simply move your infrastructure from one server to another with no downtime.


We can upgrade your virtual hardware on your command including CPU count, RAM, Storage as well as add additional services such as firewalls much quicker than with a private infrastructure.


Private infrastructure means its entirely dedicated to you. You wont share storage, network or other hardware with anyone else. This means that your hardware has only your data on it


You will have your own dedicated firewall, servers and internet with our private infrastructure plans. This not only increases security but also performance, meaning you get the most for your money.


Your own dedicated hardware, with dedicated power to you. With a private infrastructure, no one else is using your CPU or storage power meaning your servers are waiting on you.

Both Include

Outstanding Support

Don't worry, when you request support from us, you will go to a real human being who is passionate and highly experience in what they're doing. No matter your issue, will get it sorted.

Help or Assistance

Need assistance or want us to fully manage your infrastructure? No problem, we offer management services so you can focus on whats really important.


We take security extremely seriously. We have dedicated security enthusiasts making our services stronger every day.

Jargon Free Management

Not all of us are techy enthusiasts so dont worry, we have designed our management systems to be both easy for experienced and non-experience users.

24 Hour Infrastructure Backups

We take snapshots & backups of your entire infrastructure including storage, servers, firewalls and network layouts. This means in case of an emergency, we can fully restore your infrastructure in no time.

Extra services

We offer additional services such as migration, disaster recovery plans & software leasing to make your life that little bit easier.

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