full server migration, no downtime required.

Migration services for an unbeatable, hourly based price. With as little downtime as possible, we’ll move your services from your servers to ours remotely and configure them all for you, for just £19.99/Hour.

Whats included?

Complete Migration

We'll move everything, websites, virtual/physical machines, databases and more and in our migration process.

Auto Configuration

Once everything has moved over, we'll automatically set up your virtual or dedicated infrastructure and implement everything on it.

Remote Access

No physical access will be required. We can use tools such as SSH, RDP, SFTP and more to move your servers to our hosting platform.

Less Downtime

We aim to have as little downtime as possible in the migration process. We'll only work on your services/servers at the lowest peak times to avoid any disruptions.

Testing & Benchmarking Included

Once everything has been moved, we'll run multiple stress testing tools to put your services under pressure to prove their strength before going into production.

Your New Scalable Hosting Platform

Say goodbye to restarting servers, multiple internet & power connections and unbelievable hardware costs for your servers. We take care of all of that.

Completely Free Quote

Don't worry, if you change your mind after we have quoted you, we wont charge you a dime!

Secure transfer of everything

We use secure methods such as SFTP, SSH & HTTPS to transfer all your services over to our platform. Security is key so the last thing you want is all your data completely naked across the internet.

Constant support throughout the journey

We'll update you frequently to let you know how your migration is going. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like during the migration period.

Don't settle for less

Why pay huge amounts for work you are not receiving? We only charge a static £19.99 rate for the time worked on the migration task, nothing under, nothing over.

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