Servers, it's what we do

Specialised in server hosting, we offer complete dedicated and virtual private server solutions to fit around your budget. All from the latest server & networking gear and the best open-source software to be running on. Complete solutions, all from as little as £6.99

What do you require?

We offer 2 of the most popular, cost-effective and best way of putting your services in the cloud. Friendly pricing that wont tear your bank account to shreds.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

From £6.99

Per month

Dedicated Server Hosting

From £49.99

Per month

What's The Difference?

Virtual Private Servers

Dedicated Servers

All our virtual private servers run on some of the the latest HPE DL380 series systems. These servers are packed up to 64 threads and 256GB of RAM per server, giving us plenty of computing power. If you’re looking for a cheap yet powerful hosting plan for your service, our virtual private servers are exactly what you need.

Our Proxmox hypervisor allows us to upgrade our virtual private servers without turning them off or rebooting them. Now that’s state-of-the-art scalable hosting. This means if your services running on your virtual private server are beginning to get a bit to resource hungry, we can easily upgrade it with no downtime or interruption. This includes CPU, RAM, Storage and Networking, some of which you cannot do on a dedicated server.

Managing your virtual private server has never been easier. With the power of Webmin & Zpanel for your Linux and Windows virtual private servers, managing and controlling your virtual private server becomes a bliss. Access your server from anywhere around the world with complete SSL/HTTPS acess for full encryption and security. You will receive a dedicated domain for accessing your server so there is no need to remember an IP address. We also provide VPN access to your server for increase security and easy manageability.

Virtual Private Servers are an extremely cost effective and efficient way of putting your services out there. They’re are cheap to run due to how they’re hosted. On a single, physical server, we can host hundreds of virtual machines on our Proxmox cluster. These virtual machines are also known as virtual private servers. Because we can host multiple virtual private servers on a single server, the cost of each virtual private server is a lot less as we can quickly make up for the costs for the physical servers they run on.

We provide fully dedicated servers, meaning no one else gets access to your server. Unlike a virtual private server, only your software/services run on your server. This means you get all the resources and power of the dedicated server to yourself. If you’re looking for a server to put your  services on that require constant load & stability, a dedicated server is exactly what you’re looking for. 

We offer complete upgrade solutions for our dedicated servers. This includes CPU, RAM, Storage and Bandwidth upgrades.  Upgrades to your dedicated server start from just £4.99, making our dedicated server hosting platform the one to go with.

Managing your dedicated server is just as easy as managing your virtual private server. You will recieve a pre-installation of Webmin or Zpanel for managing your Linux or Windows server. You will also receive a dedicated domain with SSL/HTTPS for access your control panel so that you don’t need to remember any IP address or dynamic domains. Managing your server has never been easier and everything is pre-setup and configured, ready for you.

Dedicated Servers can cost more money for two main reasons. One, we have to purchase/license the server which can cost us thousands per server. Another is the cost of the hardware & electricity. 

However, the resources that come with the dedicated server can be worth the cost. You will receive a fully dedicated server that only your services run on, except you don’t have to a pay a crazy one off fee. Instead, you can spread the costs with our monthly or yearly hosting plans

Virtual or Dedicated, It's All Included

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

We guarantee 99.9% of uptime per year. That’s less than 9 hours of down time per year. We use UPS systems for all of our servers,
switches and routers. All our servers are also equipped with dual redundant power supply systems for extra reliability and have 2 separate power connections redundancy. 

Free Help & Support, Waiting On You

With our free, dedicated Email & Ticket support, we supply the best help & assistance to our customers. Our engineers are trained to the max and can fix almost any problem! You can make a support ticket in less than 2 minutes from your KVRCloud Dashboard.

24 Hour Backups

Daily back ups are taken at off-peak hours for the best speeds and reliability. All our virtual servers have ‘snapshots’ taken of them every 24 hours. Our dedicated servers come pre-installed with out backup software and a dedicated backup space. This means if anything goes wrong, we can easily restore your server with almost no downtime.

Scalable Hosting

Upgrade or downgrade your Virtual or Dedicated server whenever you like.
Upgrades on our Virtual Private servers don’t even require any
downtime. If you need an upgrade, fill in an upgrade your hosting package from on your My KVRCloud Dashboard and we’ll upgrade your server & billing, no hassle required.

Full Remote Access/Core Management

Use Webmin for GNU/Linux or Zpanel/RDP for Windows for easy server
management. Or if you’re a bit more experienced, full SSH access to your
GUN/Linux servers from anywhere across the globe. Monitoring, full remote access, command line and more: Pre-installed, setup & completely free.

High Speed Server & Network Infrastructure

Our network and servers are built to the brim. High speed gigabit & 10 gigabit switches, private and public cloud networks, enterprise HPE DL380 series servers and more. All from £6.99. 

Moving Can Be Scary, But We've Got Your Back

We know how much of a hassle migrating your services can be. However, we know exactly what to do. We’ll move your services for an hourly rate-based fee meaning you don’t pay crazy amounts for a 10 minute job. To get started, click the button below and fill in the form. Then, we’ll look over the size/capacity of your current services, suggest the perfect hosting package to go with and we’ll migrate everything over. We aim to complete the entire migration with no downtime or disruptions to your services.