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Core Network Upgrade

Upgrades to our core network infrastructure at DC1 will be performed to increase our overall network bandwidth & security. Suspected downtime is 5 minutes.

12/04/20 12:00 GMT+1

Security Patches on Primary DC1 Server

We will be restarting our core server that hosts our email & web server at DC1. The outage is expected to be 1-2 minutes.

19/06/20 20:00 GMT+1

High Load on our Primary DC1 Server

We have been experiencing some high load peaks on our main DC1 Web Server, causing high latency pings. While services remained running fine, pings were giving high latency responses, causing them to appear as down for uptime tools. We will continue to monitor the servers load statistics but everything is running perfectly.

04/06/2020 & 05/06/2020

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